How to Use Sensa

Sensa is as easy to use as salt and pepper. Just shake the sprinkles liberally and evenly across the surface of everything you eat. Each month you’ll receive two Sensa shakers, one for home and one to take with you; the two shakers should last about a month. Each shaker has a “Salty” and “Sweet” side to denote which foods to sprinkle. Use the salty Tastants on savory foods such as chicken and vegetables, while sweet Tastants are used on all fruits and desserts. The Tastants don’t contain salt, sugar or seasonings, so they won’t change the taste of your food.

To achieve maximum weight loss, change the Tastants every 30 days. If used longer than 30 days, your olfactory senses become accustomed to the Tastant combination, and you may not achieve the same weight loss results.

If you want to keep Sensa a secret when you’re out with friends, use Sensa Slims, a more discreet way to sprinkle. Sensa Slims are simple on-the-go packets you can take anywhere.

How Long Does it Take Sensa to Work?
Some people see results in the first month while others take two to three months. Give Sensa time to work. The key is using Sensa consistently on everything you eat.

With Sensa, there’s no need to eat pre-packaged meals or deprive yourself. Now that you know how to use Sensa, click here to find out how Sensa works.

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.
Average weight-loss 10 lbs in 3+ months.